Arctischian Chamber of Commerce

About the Bundeshandelskammer

The Arctischian Chamber of Commerce is the authority responsible for the Arctischian Business & Agency Register. It administers the registration of legal entities as well as the enforcement of legal entity policies. Meanwhile the Internal Taxation Authority administers the filing of legal documents associated with legal entities as well as documents related to the taxation of legal entities.

Using this website you can look up information regarding Arctischian legal entities as well as file an application to establish a legal entity for you, your business or anything else which requires a seperate legal entity from yourself whether that be for liability purposes or otherwise.

The address of the main Bundeshandelskammer building is 12th Independence Avenue, City of Schaan, Schaan. Contact the office via these following methods:

  • Email: schaan@bhk.gov.ia
  • Tel: +424 (44) 222 4444